Whaleshares Help Documentation

Whaleshares IO is a blockchain powered social platform, created by and for, people who like to socialise, create content, and of course, to be in control of their content! Whaleshares is a completely decentralised community, where you will never be silenced for any opinions that you may choose to share. Furthermore, all users have the ability to earn cryptocurrency tips on the content that is created and shares onto Whaleshares.

The Whaleshares Blockchain is the underlying technology that powers whaleshares. The Blockchain does this in several ways. Data such as blog posts, follow operations, currency transfers, and much more is stored within the blockchain in the form of block transactions.

These blocks are submitted to the chain through the use of witnesses, who oversee and verify all transactions on the blockchain, ensuring that your content stays available, secure, and under your control, until the end of time. Furthermore, as each block is committed to the blockchain, cryptocurrency rewards are generated and distributed amongst shareholders and content creators.

Whaleshares IO is the front end web application that a majority of members will use to interact with the Whaleshares Blockchain. Where the Blockchain is the data receptacle, the front end is the input device. Here you will come to visit your friends blog pages, see what is trending, check on your cryptocurrency wallet, and more.

Users are able to make friends, gain followers, share content, reward content they find valued, form clubs, create investment opportunities, businesses and more. With the extensively developed JavaScript and Python API's, as well as a simple HTTP REST API for developers of all kinds, there's very little limit to what you can do on this blockchain powered social network!

WLS Tokens are a Cryptocurrency quite similar to Bitcoin, even so much as to using the same Secure Hashing Algorythm to ensure the data stored in the blockchain is safe indefinately. Like any cryptocurrency, WLS Tokens can be exchanged for other currencies on exchanges, traded privately or on marketplaces for goods and services, etc. WLS Token is a fully functional Cryptocurrency powered by a powerful blockchain that has been running for years.

On Whaleshares, WLS Tokens are used in any ways. WLS is used to reward content. WLS can be staked through a process known as "powering up", which allows a user to earn more tokens daily. Tokens can be used for anything simply as a means of social interaction, they can be used as a form of power when it comes to higher level chain functions, and they can even be used as a payment gateway for those looking to start a business. The limits are as far as you can imagine!

  • Curation Replaced with Tipping System
  • Tipping implements an interesting element to the graphene system. Users no longer are incentivized to create content simply to earn tokens. Tokens are now distributed regardless of content created, and only truly striking content will earn rewards.

  • Friends & Communities
  • Whaleshares was the first graphene blockchain to include the ability to make friends, as well as to form communities. Others have since followed suit. Even still Whaleshares is leading the field in feature development.

  • Scalability & Longevity
  • Whaleshares is designed to be longer lasting, and more efficient than near every graphene blockchain to date, in almost every strand of it's development, from the ground up. The underlying technology is far more advanced, requires much less input, produces far more efficiently, and works just as quickly as any other.

Accounts on Whaleshares have similar functions to all social platforms, however they are handled quite a bit securely. When the account is created, a user is given 4 Keys (Passwords) rather than the traditional case of a single username and password combo.

This does not mean that you will be using all four keys at one time, in fact most users will be just fine using only 2 keys. However before we get into that - first let's explain the keys and their uses.

Social Key   -   Used for Social Actions such as posting, commenting, tipping, etc.

Wallet Key   -   Used for Wallet Actions such as Transfers, Powering Up and Down, Purchases, etc.

Memo Key   -   Used for encrypting and decrypting private messages (memos) sent using the Wallet.

Owner Key   -   Used as a failsafe, will override near any action, but should only be used when changing account keys.

Seed Phrase   -   Seed Phrase is not a key. This is the hash that your keys have been generated from.

These 5 keys grant you complete control over your whaleshares account, right down to every aspect. Supporting multiple keys can be confusing at first, however it allows the user to hand out "permissions" to trusted contacts, such as posting, wallet functions, etc. One thing we do reccomend is a secure password manager, or our Custom Keychain Whalevault!

As mentioned before, Whaleshares IO is the front end application for the whaleshares blockchain. Here is where most users will come to engage, socialise, and interact with their friends, followers and communities.

Users Have The Ability To:

  • Share content (Links, Articles, Pictures, Videos, etc) with their friends.
  • Reward content they enjoy, & receive rewards on content that they have produced.
  • Make friends, form a following, and create or join communities that interest them.

Whaleshares is a decentralised social media platform. This means that there is very little in the way of "rules", at least ones that aren't managed in the blockchains codebase. You can feel free to blog about, interact with, and transact with, anyone or anything that you so feel like. Due to this nature, you can feel comfortable speaking your mind, and reaching out to likeminded members.

Due to the decentralised nature of the platform, as there are no "rules", there are still laws that vary from country to country. Please keep in mind that decentralisation is not an excuse to do something that is not condoned in your country, or many others. When the situation is needed, users will be removed from accessing certain whaleshares features. This is a very rare occurence for most blockchains, and has not yet happened to date on ours.

Tips on Whaleshares, are a fundamental part of the platforms experience. Instead of curation like on many other graphene blockchains, Whaleshares has implemented a Tipping / Claiming Reward Structure. Users are able to earn tips on content they produce, as well as to reward content that they enjoy with tips of their own.

With this being said, how should users tip? Again, we're not going to tell you what you should be doing with your account, however for those looking into "How it works", here's our reccomendations.

Tipping Guidelines:

  • Tip's should only be given to content which you truly enjoy. This inspires users to further develop their content creation skills.
  • Tip's are a nice gesture, but never a requirement. You should never feel like you need to tip something to show appreciation.
  • Tip's go alot farther in a new users wallet, than in a whales. Users with low stake are fighting for bandwidth, and earn less through daily claims.
  • Whaleshares IO
  • As previously explained, Whaleshares is the front end client to the whaleshares blockchain. It is also however, the very first Dapp created on the whaleshares blockchain, with nearly 2 years running to date.

    Check out Whaleshares to learn more!

  • ShareBits
  • Sharebits is an amazing service yet to be fully recognized for it's use case. Sharebits can allow users to send cryptocurrency from any blockchain, to any user on any social network. That's right, facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit and more are all options in this very advanced tool!

    Check out ShareBits to learn more!

  • WhaleVault
  • Whalevault is based on the steem keychain, created by the same developer who launched sharebits, and functions as an ultra secure Key Store (Password Manager) for the Whaleshares Blockchain, as well as Steem and several others.

    Check out WhaleVault to learn more!

Whaleshares chose not to have a pre-mine, as many other chains do. Instead, we sharedropped 24 Million Tokens directly into the hands of bitshares users. We chose bitshares as a target for our sharedrop, because whaleshares has good relations with them, and they respect similar beliefs when it comes to centralization and censorship. Of these tokens, only 13 Million were claimed. The rest were distributed through rewards as normal.

Whaleshares is a low supply cryptocurrency, compared to many of the other graphene projects which tend to inflate rather than deflate across forks. Whaleshares produces tokens at a much slower rate as well, however this will be discussed in the inflation section.

Token Supply Statistics

  • Total Supply - 59769233.864 WLS
  • Total Staked - 38620576.565 WLS
  • Head Block at time of Data - 18424301

Whaleshares is a low supply token in relation to it's many "siblings" (forks). Compared to it's parent chain Steem, It will take Whaleshares about 10 years to reach the state they are in today. This is of course, strictly relating to Chain Economics, and not at all the advancements made in the codebase.

Whaleshares Inflation Counts down from 100%, over a 4 year period. After these four years have been acheived, the tail emission rate will stall at a low 5%. At the time of writing, inflation is roughly 35%. The chart below shows how the tokens are released over time.

Whaleshares REST API

The Whaleshares REST API is documented Here, and can be accessed quite simply. The API can be reached through the browser, curl, postman, and really any other method that is preffered.

Official Endpoint


Uri Format:

/{api_name}/{method}/{encoded params}

Sample JSON RPC Call::


Steps to convert RPC to REST:



WzY0NjkwNTRd is url_encode( base64_encode("[6469054]") )

Recommended System Requirements:

  • 4GB Ram
  • 20GB SSD
  • Ubuntu 16.04

First Steps

Create a folder for our public node and go to it

mkdir whaleshares && cd whaleshares

Download from the official repository latest version (0.2.8)

wget https://gitlab.com/beyondbitcoin/whaleshares-chain/uploads/64e4471f93e270adb7b6c7a082802297/whaled-0.4.0-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

Unzip the file and delete the archive itself

sudo tar -xvzf whaled-0.4.0-x86_64-linux.tar.gz && rm *.gz

Make file Executable

chmod +x whaled

Add a config of a public node

sudo nano ~/whaleshares/witness_node_data_dir/config.ini

Paste into file

backtrace = yes
plugin = chain p2p json_rpc webserver witness account_by_key tags follow block_history myfeed podfeed blogfeed sharesfeed account_history notification podtags account_tags tips_sent tips_received account_by_key_api follow_api database_api network_broadcast_api
trusted-node = https://pubrpc.whaleshares.io/
history-disable-pruning = 0
shared-file-dir = "blockchain"
shared-file-size = 16G
flush = 100000
max-undo = 10000
max-blocks = 100
follow-max-feed-size = 200
seed-node = #ijmmaiwitness
seed-node = seed01.whaleshares.io:2001 # baabeetaa
seed-node = seed02.whaleshares.io:2001 # baabeetaa
webserver-http-endpoint =
webserver-thread-pool-size = 2
enable-stale-production = false
required-participation = false

Ctrl-X - Save & Exit

Launch the node using screen with the name "fullnode".

screen -S fullnode ./whaled

Refer to whaleshares.info for full instructions on witness setup

Recommended System Requirements:

  • 4GB Ram
  • 10GB SSD
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Docker will need to be installed (instructions at url above)

Witness set-up

Open Terminal and Navigate to Home Directory.

cd /home/user

Create whaleshares directory, and enter

mkdir whaleshares && cd whaleshares

Download Prebuilt Binaries

wget https://whaleshares.info/wls-download/whaled-0.4.0-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
wget https://whaleshares.info/wls-download/cli_wallet-0.2.7-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
wget https://whaleshares.info/wls-download/config.ini

Uncompress files

tar -xvzf whaled_lm-0.2.7-x86_64-linux.tar.gz tar -xvzf cli_wallet-0.2.7-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

Change permissions for executable files.

chmod +x whaled && chmod +x cli_wallet

Update seed-nodes in config.ini file.

chmod +x whaled && chmod +x cli_wallet

Replace seed-nodes with the following:

seed-node = seed01.wls.services:2001 # baabeetaa
seed-node = seed02.wls.services:2001 # baabeetaa
seed-node = # startail
seed-node = seed.whaleshares.bangzi.info:55505 # bangzi
seed-node = seed-wls.bushkill.rocks:2001 # bushkill
seed-node = wseed.kidw.space:2001 # kid-witness
seed-node = # ijmmai
seed-node = # moonbase
seed-node = # krazywitness

Save updates and exit by pressing Control-X (mac) or Ctrl-X (windows), then Y, then return (mac) or Enter (windows).

. Create a detachable session and start the witness. NOTE: Last command is a single line, it has wrapped in the document due to space.

screen -S witness cd /home/user/whaleshares sudo docker run --rm --name witness -it -p 8090:8090 -p 2001:2001 -v /home/user/whaleshares:/witness_node_data_dir ubuntu:16.04 /witness_node_data_dir/whaled -d /witness_node_data_dir

Detach session but leave witness running by pressing control-A-D (mac) or Ctrl-A-D (windows).

If this is for a seed-node you are now complete. If for a witness-node please continue to the next section

CLI Wallet Configuration

Create a detachable session for wallet

screen -S wallet

Navigate to whaleshares directory.

cd /home/user/whaleshares

Get cacert.pem file

wget https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem

Export SSL certificate file

export SSL_CERT_FILE=cacert.pem

Start cli_wallet

sudo docker run --rm --name wallet -it -v /home/user/whaleshares:/witness_node_data_dir --env SSL_CERT_FILE=/witness_node_data_dir/cacert.pem ubuntu:16.04 /witness_node_data_dir/cli_wallet -s https://pubrpc.whaleshares.io --wallet-file=/witness_node_data_dir/wallet.json

Set wallet password. Use a unique secure password. SAVE THESE IN A SAFE PLACE!

new >>> set_password secure_password

Unlock the wallet.

locked >>> unlock secure_password

Import Private Active Key. No quotes!

unlock >>> import_key private_active_key

Get brain keys . (optional step but recommended)

unlock >>> suggest_brain_key

This will generate 3 keys

  • brain_priv_key
  • wif_priv_key
  • pub_key

. Import ‘wif_priv_key’ into the wallet. No quotes!

unlock >>> import_key wif_priv_key

Detach session but leave wallet running by pressing control-A-D (mac) or Ctrl-A-D (windows

Update config.ini with ‘wif_priv_key’.

nano /home/user/whaleshares/config.ini

  • Locate the ‘#witness =’ line
  • Uncomment the line by removing the ‘#’ at the beginning.
  • Add whaleshares account name in quotes.
  • witness = "account_name"
  • Locate the ‘#private-key =’ line
  • Uncomment the line by removing the ‘#’ at the beginning.
  • Add the ‘wif_priv_key’ or if you did not create brain key you will use the ‘private_active_key’ that was previously imported into the cli_wallet. No quotes!
  • private-key = wif_priv_key

Save updates and exit by pressing Control-X (mac) or Ctrl-X (windows), then Y, then return (mac) or Enter (windows).

Switch to witness session to invoke updates.

screen -r witness

Detach session but leave witness running by pressing control-A-D (mac) or Ctrl-A-D (windows).

Restart witness to pick up changes.

sudo docker run --rm --name witness -it -p 8090:8090 -p 2001:2001 -v /home/user/whaleshares:/witness_node_data_dir ubuntu:16.04 /witness_node_data_dir/whaled -d /witness_node_data_dir

Verify witness is in-sync. If not, please wait until you see individual blocks being logged before proceeding.

Detach session but leave witness running by pressing control-A-D (mac) or Ctrl-A-D (windows).

Switch to wallet session for witness update.

screen -r wallet

Send update for witness, all inputs in quotes. The ‘witness_url’ will be used for the link in the witness voting list. It can be left blank, but the url of your witness testimonial is often used. The ‘pub_key’ is from the brain keys you saved in a safe place earlier or if you did not create brain keys you will use the Public Active Key returned in step 6 .

unlock >>> update_witness "account_name" "witness_url" "pub_key" {} true

Go to https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses and vote for yourself as a witness.

Whaleshares has a full featured javascript api that covers every function available to the blockchain. Documentation, installation instructions, and more can be found at https://gitlab.com/beyondbitcoin/wlsjs.

Whaleshares has a full featured Python API that covers every function available to the blockchain. Documentation, installation instructions, and more can be found at https://gitlab.com/beyondbitcoin/wls-python.