Decentralized Social Networking

Enabling uncensored and decentralized social networking across nations.

Here at Whaleshares, we do our best to make DPoS both fun and fair for everyone involved.

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What is Whaleshares? What do we aim for?

Decentralized Social Networking.

Here at Whaleshares, our aim is to bring the most favourable features to our users, as well as to create a safe and fun environment for them. Our promise to you is that you will always have a voice here, as well as the power to use it to help shape the platform you are apart of.

Unique Content Creation & More

Whaleshares provides users all the tools they need to earn cryptocurrency with nearly any type of content that they choose to create. Whether you are here to make friends, gain followers, or even start a business, you will find everything you need here, from clients, to payment gateways, advertisement models and more!

Meet Like-Minded People

Whaleshares boasts an excellent community consisting of members from around the world! Due to this, no matter what your interests are, you're sure to meet some similar thinkers here in this decentralized social community, and trust us, they are a friendly bunch and eager to meet you as well!

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Technical Documentation

Interested in learning more about the fundamentals behind whaleshares? Read our Whitepaper below.

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